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Database Developers Toronto
1. Active Prototyping

‘Active Prototyping’ is the hallmark of the M7 methodology of data system design. From the first day of development, we at M7 endeavor to leave the user with something useful to test and work with.


2. Creativity Welcome

Our estimates are built up of functional blocks of time. The goal is each block is to be useful before the next block is started, thus always leaving the client with value after every session.



3. Freedom of Choice

No Contract Necessary – There are no upfront or after completions costs. We are an available service and our focus on delivering value each session means that you won’t be left in between stages.



M7’s unique ‘agile’ development methodologies make a big difference to the success of your database project

4. Responsible Development

Our schedule of working 1-2 days a week allows you to have the input necessary to achieve the optimal results.


5. Leverage Existing Value

Before you go re-invent the wheel take a look and see what’s already available for you to work with. One of our greatest strengths is the ability to link into other systems and leverage data for you.

6.  Abstracted Design Environment

Combine MS SQL, MySQL and Microsoft Access with simple, smart design to create a system where the driving force isn't speed or ego-driven “slick” code, but usefulness and maintainability by the USER.

7. Power To The Client


You can stop/start or drop/pick up a project at any point during the development. You can use and adapt all of the code for anything you want to do within your company.



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