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Why is it so hard to organize the documents and materials you need for your grant application?
And why repeat the same hassle every time you apply?

Your Mission Statement is ready. Your budget and goals are in place. You're prepared, yet applying for a grant seems daunting. Why not make the process easier by organizing common documents and tasks?

The M7 Grant Tracker is a free desktop program that helps you organize your Grant Applications. It is intended to be highly customizable by you, or with our help.

Contact us if you have questions or features that you would like to add to your copy.

Our one hour no-obligation consultation is free.

1. Research Your Grants

-In a collaborative multi-user environment, gather articles, websites, and documents - regardless of format.


2. Grant Application

-Organize tasks and application contacts in the same place that your essential components, documents and websites are organized.

What you need,
where you need it...

The M7 Consortium Grant Application Manager helps you keep track of your application processes.



3. Follow-Up

-After getting the grant, the necessary reporting documents are linked in the same place, keeping your follow-up deliverables and responsibilities organized.

4. Re-Application

-Use your previous year’s work to give yourself a big head start on the next year’s grant application. Rather than gathering all of the materials again, copy the previous year’s efforts and add, edit, and organize – saving you time and hassle.

We are the M7 Consortium

We are a group of individual companies united under the umbrella of the M7 Consortium for best practices in agile development and design thinking.

We develop custom-built digital recordkeeping systems that do not require license or user fees. We base our work on the principles of agile development, which gives the user an opportunity to test out all application features before its full implementation.

Together we work on data bridging applications across a variety of fields and industries, consolidating records from multiple data sources and technologies to help clients make sense of their data.

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