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In-Context Training

● SQL ● MS Access / VB developers ● PDF Forms

● SharePoint ● System Integration ● Cloud SQL



We are very proud of having served the most extraordinary teams in the most extraordinary organizations.

Since 1993 our goal has been to empower teams and organizations to take charge of their data process, leveraging greater value from everyday work.


In-Context Training is a great team builder. The resulting database solution is something everyone contributed to. Better skills, better understanding, better appreciation for the organization - In-Context Training is a wise investment to consider. It has worked extraordinarily for many of our clients over 20 years...

...we can do the same for your organization!

Why just build, when you can build and LEARN!

Our unique methodologies of design and production means that you and your staff are shoulder-to-shoulder with us at your location. We do this to better learn from you and your staff - which results in a better database product. But why not take even more advantage of that?

This is why we offer In-Context Training to our clients as an additional complimentary feature to our design and development services. What better way to learn than to learn during the actual development of a real system for your organization. 

Database courses are unfortunately "heavy on the theory and light on the practical". When you and your staff work with M7's In-Context Training, you are learning from the best, gaining usable database skills while, at the same time, understanding the actual data infrastructure of your organization.

This results in more capable staff for the long term management of your data infrastructure, and your employees will thank you for the practical and portable skills that you provided for them. Staff retention and efficiency relates to your investment in your staff. Bringing your team real skills that they can apply immediately, and carry forward in their lives, is a great way of building lasting value in your organization.

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