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Integration and you...
●    Integration: connecting multiple data systems in one place

●    Scalability: organic growth of the system along with your organization

●    Customization and flexibility: tailoring to your current and future needs

●    Automation: streamline workflow and remove redundant tasks 

M7 Consortium - What We Do

The way we work…

Power to the client

You can stop or start a project at any point during the development. You are free to use and adapt all of the code within your company, whether you choose developing with us or whomever else in the future.

Freedom from licensing and user fees

When the project stops, the invoicing also stops, while your relationship with us continues.


Low risk

M7 Methodology includes testing of each project component as they are developed - correctional changes are made early in the development process.

Leverage existing value

Before re-inventing the wheel, see what is already available. Our strength is the ability to link to other systems and leverage data that already exists.

Data Bridging Applications

Coordinate a single entry point for multiple data sources. Powerful, prompt reporting allows you to look at your organization from different angles.

Active prototyping

From the first day of development, we endeavor to leave the user with something useful to test and work with. This approach has been proven in over 20 years of successful projects.

Responsible development process

You choose 1-2 days a week development cycle. This leaves plenty of time for you to test the application and bring your ideas to the next development session. Yes, you have an active say in application development.

♞ We are the M7 Consortium

We are a group of individual companies united under the umbrella of the M7 Consortium for best practices in agile development and design thinking. We develop custom-built digital recordkeeping systems that do not require license or user fees. We base our work on the principles of agile development, which gives the user an opportunity to test out all application features before its full implementation.

Together we work on data bridging applications across a variety of fields and industries, consolidating records from multiple data sources and technologies to help clients make sense of their data.

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