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M7 Database Logo - Database Consultants

Database Design and Integrations Experts

● SQL ● MS Access / VB developers ● PDF Forms

● SharePoint ● System Integration ● Cloud SQL

M7 is NOT hiring.
Any agency or party claiming to represent M7 for employment is doing so without our knowledge or permission. 

"Kelly Brass" "Lili Ross" etc are fraudulent, and have no connection to M7 Database 


m7database.NET is fraudulent


We are very proud of having served the most extraordinary teams in these most extraordinary organizations.

Our goal has been to empower these teams and companies to take charge of their data process, leveraging greater value from everyday work. We have been privileged to take this challenge, and together we have met this challenge with great success.

We can do the same for your oragnization!


Our partners have over combined 25 years of experience developing databases for government, small and mid-sized companies, as well as branch offices of multi-national corporations (with or without dedicated I.T. departments).


Many clients have been utilizing our services for 15+ years.


Our unique methodologies of

Active Prototyping and critical path estimation give you unprecedented control over your scope, time and budget.


Custom database integration on your terms...

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